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Wreck And Reef Fishing Key West

Wrecks and Reef fishing in the same day

I take pride in this very unique fishing charter. A full day of fishing wrecks and reefs for many different species of the fishing season on board my 32 ft. Yellowfin Yachts center console the "Intense".Read About Yellowfin 32

A busy day of all sorts of light tackle fishing action that encompasses many different species and techniques. Using the best fishing tackle in the world made by Daiwa. A custom tailored fishing adventure that will suit the needs of any level angler.

About Wreck and Reef fishing

I generally leave the dock around 7 am. Catching fresh bait takes about 10 minutes as I have them trapped from the night before in pins just minutes from my dock and en route to our fishing area. Each wreck fishes different from the next so some instruction is required to make this a great experience for all on board.

Wreck Fishing

Once we have bait we make the trek out to the wrecks where we fish for cobia, permit, sharks, jack crevalle, amber jacks and huge barracudas on light tackle. This run is about 30 miles and on the way to the most productive fishing reefs in Key West. A really fun way to start the day.

I always bring the proper bait to catch the fish on the wrecks with the lightest tackle possible. The boat is super agile so we can work around the wrecks to make sure the anglers don't get hung up.

Reef Fishing

Depending on the time of the year we fish the inner or outer reefs for what is biting and what is in season. Also your input as to what you would like to target and possibly take home for dinner will govern whether we bottom fish for grouper and snapper or fish for pelagics like kingfish, wahoo and tuna along the edge of the reef.



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Wreck And Reef Fishing Charters

wreck and reef fishing key west kingfishThis fishing charter is 6 or 8 hours long for 4 or less persons.

I supply bottled waters, ice for drinks and your catch, all the gear, bait and tackle.

Please see the rates page for more details.

Feel free to call my office. 1-305-292-7212--- Ask questions

Other details

Fishing the deeper waters can be a bit strenuous at times and some of you that suffer from motion sickness will want to prepare your self accordingly.

Bring a hat, towel and some sunscreen with a decent pair of Polarized glasses. I require that everyone on board my boats wear glasses at all times for their safety.

Hydration is important. Bring what you would like to drink and eat out there. I supply plenty of bottled water for my customers. I recommend also that they bring some sort of sports drink as well such as Gatorade.

My Catch Policies

wreck and reef fishing Key West Grouper SnapperThe type of fishing charter that I have described above has the capability of killing many fish. Some might want to hire me to go "Fill The Box" with as much as we can to limit out on a species. My catch sizes are larger than legal. In other words if legal is 12 inches my self imposed legal limit might be 16. This improves our catch sizes for more value per fish in our box.

Seasons For Wreck Reef Light Tackle Fishing Fishing

Jan - April

King Mackerel (kingfish) are prevalent in great numbers in the gulf and the Atlantic waters fish getting as big as 60 lbs. Fun to catch on live bait, fly fishing and artificial. Mixed with them are huge schools of Bluefish, Bonito and Jack Crevalles. Also on the reef line in the Atlantic the sailfish are active as well. Bottom fishing for Grouper, Snappers with live bait and plug fishing as well as vertical jig fishing is stellar! On the windy days that we cannot make it out we go for the Shallow Water Monster Shark Fishing in the Marquesas or Lakes just off Key West to make a fun day of shark fishing. April the Permit go on the yearly spawn to the Reef and wrecks offering anglers easy shots.

May - July

wreck and reef fishing cobia Sailfish Season is Full on! with Kingfish (King Mackerel) still around in the numbers. The full moons hold killer snapper fishing for Muttons and the beginning of Mangrove Spawn Grouper are still eating well in the shallower waters, Red Snappers are Big and fun to catch. The permit are still on the reef in the first part of May but leave toward the latter part, however still in abundance on the Gulf wrecks and Dry Tortugas Fishing. Barracuda Fishing is a hoot and very easy in the summer months. Go with a Deep Sea fishing edge to your light tackle trip and get into some fine dolphin fishing this time of the year. On the windy days we stay in the harbor for great tarpon fishing or go to the shallows for shark fishing. Busy time of year for me and Dream Catchers please book ahead especially if you want multi days with me as your guide.

August - October

Summer time, Summer Time. The dolphin bite is full on for Deep Sea Fishing and the bottom fishing resorts to the deeper waters for Deep Drop Fishing. Then there is the 220 ft. range of bottom fishing for Red Snappers, muttons, Scamps and groupers. The Reef is loaded with Yellowtail snappers. The wrecks in the Gulf are fun for grouper, mangrove snappers and the towers still are holding permit. Shark fishing can be good on the incoming tides bringing the cooler waters.

November - December

It's Tuna and Wahoo time on the reef with live bait and fly fishing. Fun times with lots of live chum. The reef starts to come back in December for great bottom fishing for Grouper Snappers. Plug fishing comes good this time of the year as well. There are a few sailfish on the reef and the Kingfish start to show up.