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Yellowfin Yachts 32 Center Console
A review By Capt. Steven Lamp
February 15 2008

Yellowfin 32 a Step Up

I was at a point in my career that I needed something more. A new challenge that brought me back into full circle in the fishing world. I had a ton of offshore experience both diving and fishing as well as a collection of GPS numbers that is very impressive from Key West out past the Dry Tortugas. With the encouragement of some of my colleagues in the business to get a light tackle or center console boat and offer trips offshore for Deep Sea Fishing, wreck and reef fishing and more that only a larger boat could handle it was time to start shopping. I was looking for a boat to fit in my 35 ft max length slip, capable with twin engines and get decent fuel economy, built tough and had to be dry.

Other Center Consoles

To me was not very clear. Many boat manufacturers and they are all on the mainland, however being who I am with my particular nature I had to make a good choice and one that I or my clients would not regret. So, off I went in search of the perfect 31-34 ft center console. The search took me to Contender looking at the 33T, nice boat great lines but something just did not fit with me, then it was Sea Vee to look at the 32, although the chosen tool for many professional offshore guides and a well built boat it was just not a fit either. Then there were the others (just in case) Fountain and Triton Great factory boats both but just not what I was looking for. I also looked at Yellowfin. When I started looking for a 31+ Yellowfin was not really on my list. At the time I did not own one yet so I knew very little about them. I did know about the 31 and the 34 and had been in both many times on different boats so I had a good feel. The 31 was too narrow for my needs and the 34 too big for my slip, so at that point I was looking elsewhere. That first year I did not make a purchase, I put the idea on the back burner as there was nothing on the market that was my "best boat".

Yellowfin Experience

As you can imagine being a fishing guide and having as many boats as I do. I have bought Many boats of all makes and models since 1992 when I got started. I have to say... most of my factory experiences with boats they have been building for years have been not good to say the least, with only one exception, Yellowfin Yachts. My first 24 ft bay boat has been in service since the day I trailered it home, at the time of this writing that would make it 1 yr and 8 months and over 1800 hours. Not a single issue. That being said same with my second 24 yellowfin bay boat, now with over 700 hours and not an issue.

However... this new 32 that I was considering was going to be Hull number one on a new idea. I thought long and hard about this to trust someone to not only create a boat never made before with "It should do this" "it should be like that" was scary as hell, especially a boat that cost as much as 3 bay boats. YIKES.. But I did my home work, studied all aspects of Yellowfin from reputation and consistency of product to my own gut feeling. and with my basic knowledge of boat design I decided to go with it. I have not looked back, one of the best moves I have ever made in boat buying. I really love my 32.

The Yellowfin 32

Yellowfin 32 Dimensions

The length of the boat stem to stern is 32 ft 6 inches. out side the motors it comes in just about 35 ft this was perfect for my needs and slip size. The width of the boat is 9 ft 9 Inches. Some say Yellowfin took the 31 and the 34 and made the best out of both boats in the 32, I am sure Wylie can explain it better than that if you call him. The weight of the boat is a modest 8800lbs rigged, not a great feat for trailer or lifts making this boat even more practical for most. The center of gravity has been adjusted and well thought out to handle the monster 4 cycle engines of today. This made for even more room in the back for fishing area. In my opinion equally distributing the boats interior.

Yellowfin 32 Design

There are a few styling changes on this boat that we will probably see throughout the Yellowfin Center console lineup. Things like the new euro style transom with no place for water to stay keeping it cleaner. Ease of getting in and out of the water has been made by this style change. My boat the 32 does not have a transom door like ht e36 or the 42 have but I still find it very easy for people to get in and out of the water.

Yellofin 32 Functionality

Because of the console being moved forward the fishing area to the rear is tremendous. Also, along the sides next to the console with rods in the rod racks there is plenty of room. The console is neatly layed out to allow for easy read of electronics and plenty of storage under the forward seat. There is enough room in mine for a small porta potty. I find the console height to be just right for me and my 6 6 frame I am sure it is adjustable for any stature. The Storage in the boat is massive and more than I need.

Yellowfin 32 Performance and Ecconomy

There are two ways to run performance number on a boat. I do them loaded ready to fish. My boat with twin 300 Verados runs 58 mph Loaded with 4 persons ready to fish. I cruise at 40 mph and get 1.7 mpg with 4 persons ready to fish bait wells full. Empty I can hit 61 mph.

Yellowfin 32 Handling

Everyone that spends a ton of money on a boat will say that their boat is the best.. Well mine is too. Without a doubt the best riding most stable v bottom 30+ foot center console I have ever been in. At drift she does not rock and roll like some V bottoms tend to making bottom fishing in a side to swell a breeze. Trolling she does really well. I run on one engine most of the time. Up wind there is enough bow to keep her out of the swells up to 7 ft without trying to dip. Downwind she stays steady and does not try and surf. Across it its like your not even out there. Speed trolling I can run up to 22 knots she will stay steady at 12 - 18 under 15 she surges after 18 she planes. Cornering make sure everyone is holding on, this boat is on rails. Shallow draft when running she runs in about 18 inches if needed.

Yellowfin Craftsmanship

Before you even get in a Yellowfin of any model for a test drive you will probably tour the plant, there you will see the painstaking steps taken to ensure a quality build from the start of any boat built there. I own three boats from Yellowfin and they have all been the nicest three boats I have ever purchased new from a factory. To this day many hours later they are still in top notch new condition. Yes I take great care of my boats, but with Yellowfin its easy.

All In all

The perfect boat is different things for different people. I will say that My 32 Yellowfin Center console is the perfect boat for what I do day in and day out, if you want to know what that is, then read my web site. When I look to get another boat it will be a reorder with no changes. And I did... March 15 2016 I just ordered a brand new Yellowfin 32 Comming in Spring of 2017.