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Key West Flats Fishing With Capt. Steven Lamp


Flats fishing the Lower Keys and Key West professionally since 1993 - Capt. Steven Lamp is a veteran flats fishing guide. With state of the art boats made by Yellowfin and fishing equipment From Daiwa and Orvis.

Flats fishing has been a passion for me since the early 90's. To me, there is nothing like taking a person out to the shallows and show them sight fishing for the first time. Then, to see that angler light up once they make it all come together and get that trophy of a life time whether it be a bonefish, a tarpon a permit or all three in the same day -- CSPL

About My flats Fishing Trips

My Flats Fishing Skiff

Using my traditional BeaverTail Elite flats fishing skiff is a great way to go for a true flats fishing experience. Using a push pole to maneuver my anglers along in super shallow waters. I can take 2 persons on my flats fishing skiff. With this boat we will focus on the Key West Grand Slam (tarpon, permit and bonefish). A good bit of skill with a spin fishing rod or salt water fly fishing experience will help make this a better experience.

Lesser experienced anglers looking for variety and more stable boat on the flats should check out my backountry fishing charters - On board my Yellowfin 24ft shallow bay boat.

Where Do We Fish?

The flats that I fish are generally 2 ft. deep and as shallow as 8 inches. Surrounding Key West by the North, West and East, they all hold fish at different times of the year. Sometimes the flats that we fish are covered with grass or they can be sandy areas. Check out my Key West fishing seasons page to learn more about when these species of fish are here. The flats are a huge estuary for fish and critters large and small mostly shrimp and crabs. In our gin clear waters sight fishing is the way to go when on the flats. The idea is to present a bait or fly to the fish while it is foraging for food.

The Equipment I Supply for you

Spin fishing with artificial and live bait is the easiest way to catch a fish on the flats of Key West. I also offer fly fishing on the flats for these species as well. I provide the nicest tackle money can buy - spin fishing or fly fishing from names like Orvis and Daiwa. Bait casters will be provided upon request.

The Charters

4,6 and 8 hour charters are available. I will fish either a traditional flats boat or my state of the art bay boats. This depends on weather and your request, I have both. See My Rates Page.

Flats Fishing vs. Backcountry Fishing

We use the term "flats fishing" to describe a more technical fishing charter experience. Accurate casting, self reliant anglers. Good listeners.

We use the term "backcountry fishing" to describe a de tuned version of flats fishing. We go fishing in the same area but the charter experience is kinder to less specific anglers. More hands on help from the fishing guide to improve your day.

While both are great fishing charters. Backcountry fishing appeals to folks who just want to bend rods on whatever is available as long as it fights. Flats fishing charters are more for advanced anglers that have an agenda.

Video - Bonefish On Fly Rod in Marquesas Keys