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Key West Fishing Rods and Reels
The Gear I use every time I go fishing out of Key West with and without my clients

Key West Fishing Gear

Daiwa SaltigaFishing in Key West is no picnic for a rod and reel. The abuse here is torturous to say the least. My fishing reels have to put up with countless hours in the sun, salt and sometimes sand. Fishing equipment needs to hold up to the test of time here in Key West, where a week in these conditions are like years anywhere else..

This page not only shows you that I fish in Key West with the very best equipment made by Daiwa and Orvis but also why I use what I use. In almost 20 years of guiding I have used many different brands of tackle, and it took that long to settle on what think is the best for me as an angler and a fishing guide for my people to use day in and day out.

The War Room

Here at my office I have a special room in the back. The door has some decals on it such as Daiwa and Orvis because that is where those products live when they are not being tortured on the waters here off Key West, Florida on my boats in the hands of my anglers.

The War Room tackle center is where every rod that is used by me or the men here at Dream Catcher Charters gets stored. You will not find any other "off" brands in here Only Daiwa, Orvis and G-Loomis. We store our rods indoors and not on the boats as we have found this to keep the lines, reels and rods in great shape for each outing.

Myself included every captain has his own shelf to store his fishing gear on. Meticulously maintained and inspected daily. These are our tools of the trade, failure is not an option.

All the fishing gear you can possibly need

Twelve inches to 1200 feet is where I take you fishing. If you need it for fishing here in Key West we have it in the War Room. Rigged and ready to go. Semper Paratus is my motto, "Always Ready".

Spinning fishing reels

Daiwa Certate Fishing ReelMade by Daiwa I provide the anglers that go fishing with me the best of the best with lines like Saltiga, Saltiga Dog Fight, Saltist and Certate on my charters. 8 - 30lb test line is my range on the spinning reels. Loaded with Daiwa Armor Braid and always replenished monofilament when needed.

Conventional Reels

Also made by Daiwa I am particularly fond of the Saltiga and Saltist line of reels matched with the Daiwa jigging blanks for bottom fishing. My trolling outfits for deep sea fishing are custom rods made by Rick Berry at Key Largo Rods, a special blank that makes dolphin and sail fishing more fun and easier for less experienced anglers and more impressive with my experienced fishermen.

Fly Fishing

All over the board here I love them all. Orvis makes a great fly fishing reel in the Mirage so I use that the most for my SLAM fishing for tarpon, permit and bonefish. For sharks I have a super set up with an old Sage RPLX forward handled rod with a 12 wt G Loomis reel. This is also great for offshore fly fishing for larger species.

Bait Casters

Here in Key West and most of the Florida Keys bait casters are not real popular. BUT.. that said, many of my anglers love to use them. That's why I provide the Daiwa Zillion bait caster for their needs. I have one in left and right hand retrieve in the 12 lb. braid line.

The Fishing Rods

Currently I have over 320 rods in my arsenal. The fishing rods I use are indeed a mish mash of this and that. I really enjoy a custom rod with a personal feel to it that I know works just right for what I am looking to do with my anglers. Since I started guiding Rick Berry has custom built some rods for me to use. Also Daiwa makes a fantastic line of rods that match to every reel they offer in a complete line up. Left over I have some amazing blanks by All Star and the Ugly Stik graphite serries of rods as well. Either way if I bring it along on my fishing charters here out of Key West.. That is the rod for the job.