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With Capt. Steven Lamp - Veteran Key West Fishing Guide.

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Key West backcountry Fishing With Capt. Steven Lamp

Have fun backcountry fishing... Charters out of Key West are without a doubt the most popular type of fishing charter we have. The ability to fish 4 people on one comfortable boat, Calm seas, lots of fish and great times with fun loving captains showing you the prettiest part of Key West for a very affordable private charter rate.

More about Backcountry Fishing

Backcountry fishing by definition is fishing that is done on the inland waters around the flats in the shallows and channels. This area is pristine, clear and always full of fish.

Backcountry Species Of Fish

In the backcountry we are always on the hunt for many different species of fish. Always looking for a bent rod and a new species to tackle. The most popular species of backcountry fishing are the tarpon, jacks, barracudas, trout, pompano, black tip shark, bull shark, lemon shark, mangrove snapper and lady fish. More selected species include cobia, permit, bonefish, grouper and goliath grouper.

During the winter it is not uncommon to have one of our fishing charters to come back with 20 plus species of fish. All types of anglers enjoy this trip. Fly fishing, spin fishing and even bait casters are all provided.

About Backcountry Fishing Charters

We use some of the nicest bay boats made today for these trips. Able to carry up to 4 persons and fish comfortably. Fast, safe and easy to be on, out boats are meticulously maintained.

4, 6, and 8 hour trips are available. We have bay boats with bathrooms and shade for your comfort. All of our bay boats are supplied with the best in tackle and equipment from Daiwa, Calcutta and Key Largo rods. See My Rates Page.

Included in our rates we offer; all fishing gear, tackle, bait, bottled waters, ice, rain gear and fishing licenses.


Voice 1-305-292-7212


Backcountry Fishing vs Flats Fishing

We use the term "backcountry fishing" to describe a de-tuned version of flats fishing. We go fishing in the same area but the charter experience is kinder to less specific anglers. More hands on help from the fishing guide to improve your day.

We use the term "flats fishing" to describe a more technical fishing charter experience. Accurate casting, self reliant anglers. Good listeners.

While both are great fishing charters. Backcountry fishing appeals to folks who just want to bend rods on many different species of fish or on whatever is available as long as it fights. Flats fishing charters are more for advanced anglers that have an agenda.

To Book a Key West backcountry fishing charter, please call my office at 1-305-292-7212 or e-mail me your questions